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My "Why" Behind Zoe Social

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A few months ago, I started thinking about about opening my own social media management business. At that time, I was nearly finished with my first year of law-school, and quite frankly, I was yearning for a creative outlet.

I had the privilege of working as a social media manager for a local small business here in Charleston, South Carolina for the past few years during graduate school and through my first year of law school. From this role, I learned SO much. My wonderful former boss and I, a small team of two, experienced massive social media success. Those wins felt like everything!

Through this experience, I became quite fond of social media marketing. I love working with other people to help them reach their goals, and social media provides so many pathways to reach them. There are many small wins to be had along the way. I wanted to start a business to secure these wins for others. For me, starting something like this felt like that quote "and now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good". I decided it was time to drop the perfectionism that keeps me from starting and accept that mistakes are inevitable, and the best way to learn how to improve.

And so... Zoe Social was born. I designed my logo to include a typewriter with butterflies flying

out from it, and her's why:

THE TYPEWRITER: I have always loved history. To me, the typewriter represents a paradigm shifts in mass communication, similar to social media now.

Here is some additional history I considered when deciding to go with a typewriter:

Family Ties

My great-grandfather (pictured right) was a third-generation newspapermen. He actively fought against bigotry, and remains in history a champion of civic justice. I am forever moved by his dedication to working with integrity. So naturally, a typewriter, felt like a fit.

Women's Rights

The typewriter also represents a dramatic shift in history for the lives of women. With the birth of the typewriter came along an influx of typing jobs available to women. This provided women the potential for financial independence, and the opportunity to set up their own businesses where they could train and employ other women. The typewriter later served as a powerful tool in the fight for women's suffrage


According to my mother, I began sparking up conversation with strangers as soon as I could talk. In this sense, I have always been a social butterfly. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a warm hello, smile, and conversation, regardless of who they are, what they look like, what they believe in, or where they are in life. To me, butterflies are a graceful representation of change (think metamorphosis). My hope is to always be a graceful force for change when it results in someone else getting a seat at the table.

I also just love butterflies! I have always been drawn to music, art, and anything including them.

Thank you for reading! I welcome you to Zoe Social.


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